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Aesthetic Surgery in Alicante

Aesthetic Surgery in Alicante – Institute Perez de la Romana The Institute Pérez de la Romana practices treatments of Aesthetic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. It is the medical center which unites characteristics of excellence of the whole Mediterranean coast. Our clinic is located in few meters from the Albufereta beach in Alicante. Aliante is a city with sunny climate all year round. The Institute of Perez de la …Read More

Lipo Face Lift

Lipo Face Lift – Institute Perez de la Romana This new term means the combination of lipofiling and Face lift. In the Institute Perez de la Romana it is one of the most used techniques for facial rejuvenation. Traditionally and currently for face rejuvenation it is applied lifting of flabby tissues which have sagged with ages. This treatment is called Facelift and it is performed by invisible incisions inside and …Read More


Lipofiling – Instiute Perez de la Romana Lipofiling is one of the new techniques in the esthetic surgery. It consists of removal of fat from some parts of the body and then its injection into other parts where it is necessary. The main object of this operation is to correct different body parts which have deteriorated over time or have “deflated” because of the aging of the tissues. This method …Read More

Look Rejuvenation

Look Rejuvenation or Blepharoplasty – Institute Perez de la Romana Inherited genetic characteristics, time and our lifestyle (with troubles and care) are determinative factors in the appearance of our eyelids. Anatomically, eyelids are composed of the external skin and in the below part there is a very thin muscle, (orbicularis oculi) which opens and closes below the eye, and fat. Any anomaly of these three components provokes a strange view …Read More


Gynecomastia – Institute Perez de la Romana Gynecomastia is a deformity that produces a lot of complexes in men of any age, but it is more common among young people and consists of the excessive development of mammary glands. The reason of that pathology is abnormal development of the mammary glands which have female aspect. This problem causes drop in self-esteem of the person who is suffering from it and …Read More

Body recuperation after childbirth

Total body recuperation after childbirth – Institute Perez de la Romana Motherhood is one of the most important events in the life of each woman, but it also brings a number of changes of body that are worthy to mention. During the pregnancy period the organism is preparing for childbirth producing some changes. Hormones cause the growth of mammary glands and produce liquid retention. The progressive increase of abdominal volume …Read More

Slanting eyes

Slanting eyes – Institute Perez de la Romana The famous phrase “no one is happy with what one has” is very common in our professional reality – aesthetic surgery. Some our patients ask us to make breast augmentation, while others just want the opposite procedure, the same happens with eyelid operations. In the East the patients want to westernize their eyes by making them rounder with the crease which they …Read More

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in the Institute Perez de la Romana The breast surgery is the most practiced in the Institute Pérez de la Romana, augmentation operation is the most common. Breast Reduction is applied in cases of well-developed breasts or in cases of any other deformity of sagging breasts, asymmetrical breasts or disproportional shapes. The Breast augmentation is the most famous operation which is performed in all plastic surgery centers. It …Read More


Otoplasty – Instituto Perez de la Romana Our younger patients in the Institute Perez de la Romana, were born with very big ears or they are lop-eared children. This deformity is also called “ear pinning” and “protruding ears“. The cause is congenital. It is so, because during the period of maternal development ears didn’t develop in a proper and full manner and they lack some folds of the ear cartilage …Read More


Lipoabdominoplasty and miniabdominoplasty – Institute Perez de la Romana The classic abdominoplasty technique is a technique which is aimed at correcting the abdomen of people who have lost their body shape because they have gained or lost weight or after multiple births. The common denominator in all these cases is the deterioration of the skin, of fat and muscles in the abdominal region with the possible complication of hernia. This …Read More