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Facial treatments


Facial treatments – Instituto Perez de la Romana

Vitality and energy treatments for your sking Facial treatment that cleans, hydrates and decongests your skin. Benefits: it purifies and balances, combining two actions: the removal of toxins and normalization of the skin because it regulates sebaceous glands and helps to reduce shine and refines pores. It is perfect for mixed to oily skin.

Moisturizing and nourishing treatments The aim of this treatment is to restore moisture, light and skin elasticity, so that it keeps young, soft and flexible longer. Benefits: it hydrates and nourishes the skin so the skin regains its fat and water (humidity) necessary to  mitotic reactions and regeneration of skin cells, which contributes to the renewal of the skin and wrinkles prevention of expression caused by time. It is perfect for dry and dehydrated skins. Oxygen therapy It is suitable to rejuvenate the face and body because it brings to our skin cells extra oxygen to fill freshness and vitality. Benefits are many: this treatment helps to the reconstruction and hydration of the skin, removing wrinkles and fine lines, toning and firming, stimulating the production of collagen, reducing pores, soft spots and relaxing and anti-stress effects. It is perfect to acne removal and treatment. It is suitable for all type of skins.

Vitamin C+C treatment Facial treatment to neutralize the negative action of free radicals caused by pollution (air pollution) and ultraviolet (UV) rays and environmental factors that cause photoaging. Benefits: This treatment provides the skin with all the firmness and elasticity. It helps to repair and prevent the most natural, direct and visible signs of aging, giving a healthy and more vital looking skin. It is suitable for all type of skins.

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