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Platelet – Rich Plasma (P.R.P)

It involves extracting blood from the patient and, after getting centrifuge plasma, inject it under the skin in tiny injections, painless, in the parts you want to rejuvenate. The most suitable are: face, neck, chest and hands.

Platelet – Rich Plasma (P.R.P) – Instituto Perez de la Romana

It has been proven to be very effective on tissue regeneration and wound healing but it also can be used for many other areas, such as joints and other specialties such as surgery, trauma and maxillofacial. In cosmetic surgery this technique involves obtaining blood proteins from the patient, which possess biological activity, including the most important growth factors for stimulation and tissue regeneration. It has the ability to restore the vitality of the skin, giving a greater hydration and promote the formation of blood vessels, resulting in a more youthful skin and resistant.

No contraindication because the product comes from patient.

With this technique we can get:

  • Increased consistency of the skin.
  • Attenuation, reduction and elimination of wrinkles
  •  Increased brightness
  • No changes in the face expression.
  •  Biostimulation of treated areas.
  • Compatible with other aesthetic treatments.

3 sessions recommended in 3 months (1 each month). Subsequently, a 1-3 maintenance sessions in a year depending on the skin type of each patient.

The aesthetic with Plasma Rich with Growth Factors is presented as one of the latest in facial rejuvenation (Antiaging Face). It is a technique used to isolate and use the growth factors present in the plasma in order to promote, enhance and accelerate the regeneration of tissues.

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